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Mallorca offers a wide range of activities on the sea. You can unwind on a boat trip, explore the coast on a jet ski or simply have fun with family and friends on a banana boat ride.
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Boat trip from Pollenca to Formentor beach

Take a glass-bottom boat ride from Pollenca port to the famous Formentor beach and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the coastline of Cap Formentor during the trip.
away 8,50
Experience an unforgettable dolphin tour from Paguera and observe the magical sea creatures in their natural habitat. Off the coast of Paguera, you will take a glass-bottom boat to see the majestic dolphins, who perform tricks and acrobatic jumps while swimming next to the boat. Choose between a 2-hour dolphin trip or a 3-hour dolphin tour from Paguera with a swimming stop.
away 20,00
Embark on an unforgettable dolphin tour from Santa Ponsa and observe the majestic dolphins in their natural surroundings. Off the coast of Santa Ponsa, we take a glass-bottom boat to visit the playful sea creatures who swim alongside the boat and show us their breathtaking acrobatic skills. Choose between a 2-hour dolphin tour or a 3-hour trip with dolphin sighting and swimming stop.
away 20,00

Dolphin Tour from Cala D'Or

Watching dolphins in the open sea and feeling the special fascination that these animals exude: This is the opportunity you get on a dolphin tour from Cala D'Or. Choose your excursion individually according to your preferences and decide between different excursion lengths. You can watch dolphins in small groups or during the magical time of sunrise. In any case, this boat tour to the dolphins from Cala D'Or will be an unforgettable experience for you.
away 30,00

Exclusive catamaran tour with a maximum of 36 people

Enjoy an idyllic day at sea on the deluxe catamaran tour in small groups from Palma. Start the 5-hour trip from the port of Palma and discover the beautiful Cala Vella. Treat yourself to a delicious BBQ and refreshing drinks while you swim in the crystal-clear Mediterranean.
away 65,00

Exclusive catamaran tour Palma for 12 people

Sail from Palma to the most beautiful bays in the south of Mallorca with our exclusive catamaran tour for 12 people. Cruise with other guests or rent the whole catamaran for your family and friends. Enjoy a day on the modern and luxurious catamaran, the crew on board will take care of the rest.
away 80,00

Glass Bottom Boat Coastal Tour from Pollensa

Discover the beautiful bay of Pollenca on the glass-bottom boat coastal tour from Pollensa. During the 2.5-hour boat trip with the glass-bottom boat, you will travel along the coast and discover beautiful bays. During the 30-minute bathing break, you also have enough time to cool down.
away 12,00

The new series of events with gourmet dinners at sea

Let us spoil you with our new event series with gourmet dinners on the sea. At the picturesque sunset, you take the boat to the Llevant Nature Park and you enjoy a selected themed menu that is freshly prepared for you on board. Our Majorcan gourmet chef, Jaume Miralles Flaquer, will take you on his very personal culinary journey.
away 140,00

Jet ski tour in Arenal along Playa de Palma

Jet skiing at Playa de Palma: You will experience a real speed rush on the jet ski and experience pure adrenaline. Feel the wind blow around your ears and ride the waves while you reach speeds of up to 130 km/h on the water. Even beginners without a license can ride jet skis in Arenal for this unforgettable experience. An experienced guide will show you the beauties of the Bahia de Palma coast. Driver license holders have the option
away 75,00

Exclusive catamaran sunset tour from Palma with a maximum of 36 people

Experience the magical golden hour on the exclusive sunset tour with the catamaran from Palma. In a small group with a maximum of 36 people, you start the 4-hour trip from the port of Palma and sail along the kilometer-long sandy beach to the idyllic bay of Cala Vella. Enjoy delicious tapas and refresh yourself in the evening sun in the crystal-clear sea.
away 79,00